With over 25 years of combined competition experience, we have a considerable amount of knowledge in the realm of barista competitions. Prior to winning the World Barista Championship, Pete had spent 7 years in the US championship circuit, always in the top 10 of the nation, and typically placing in the top 2 rankings. During that time he perfected his details in preparation and presentation building, as well as understanding how to maximize scores for the best placement possible. He has volunteered his time as a United States judge for a total of 4 years, giving him insight into the most up to date and current judging impressions.

Holly began her competition career in 2002 as a competitor before taking on the role of judge. She was actively involved as a sensory, technical, and eventually head judge. She also worked as a coach with multiple competitors, including Pete, for almost a decade before joining Licata Coffee Consultants. She has organized competitors from the back room to the stage and has even worked as a coordinator for the competition events. 

Whether you are ready to try your hand at competition for the first time, or simply want to take yourself to the next level, we will help you get the most from the competition experience. We have limited availability for this service each year, so be sure to book training days early. Our services include:

  • Coffee selection - Having a great coffee is crucial to competitions, and we can help you find the most appropriate selection for your purposes
  • Roast tweaking - Let us fine tune your coffee and help you get the most from it. Finding the sweet spot is crucial to maximize your scores
  • 1-day training sessions - Available at our lab or your training space. We will evaluate your presentation, give judging impressions on drinks, and advise you how to improve. This is an intensive session
  • Presentation development - Through email, phone, and/or Skype calls we will help you develop your presentation story. A fully cohesive and compelling presentation is needed to place highly in any modern competition
  • Tips and advice for making the best impression - There are hundreds of tiny details involved with barista competitions, from back room preparations to engaging the judges effectively. Benefit from our experience and nail those details. We give tips and advice freely during 1-day training sessions as issues arise, and we are available for your specific needs upon request.

"Coaching" packages are offered on a very limited basis, typically for competitors whom we have done training sessions with prior. If you have worked with us in the past and would like to request coaching, please contact us as soon as possible!


For all requests on our competitive training services, please contact us directly and give us a brief synopsis of your competitive history.