Have your coffee sourcing and roasting evaluated by a World Barista Championship winning team. Curating a quality coffee program is vital to the success of your business and we can help you improve your offerings as well as provide tools for additional marketing. 

We prefer to utilize consistent feedback over time to ensure maximum impact with your product lineup. Whether you are fairly new to roasting or you have been in the business for years, we are here to provide objective and pertinent information on how to achieve the best results in the cup. Our services include:

  • Roast development - Send us your green coffee and a roasted sample, we will tell you how to improve
  • Cupping and feedback - We will taste your coffees and give our impressions as well as discuss how to improve
  • Blend development - Let us build your blends. We will develop blend recipes based on your coffee selection and flavor needs
  • Sourcing and origin recommendations - We will give you recommendations and help you find green coffee 
  • Retainer based quality control - Let us help guide your coffee lineup. Send us samples at regular intervals and we will evaluate and provide detailed feedback on roast profiles, age, and overall quality. *You must commit to a 1-3 year retainer contract

Please contact us for information on how to have your coffee program enhanced through our expertise.

Once you feel confident with your product output, we suggest you have your coffees rated via our own roastratings.com. Roast Ratings is one of our latest endeavors, focused on the everyday coffee drinker / enthusiast,  as a resource to find the best coffees as well as educational articles. Coffee tastings are done through a "dual evaluation" where each sample is tasted via professional cupping as well as a brew on an SCAA certified home brewer. By tasting every coffee in two ways a more accurate picture is created of the flavor experience, which leads to an enhanced understanding of the product before purchasing. 

In addition to obtaining ratings for each coffee, we offer digital badges for your website, printable shelf tags, and rating badge stickers (stickers come at a small additional fee). 

To learn more about this project, and how we can help you promote your coffee better, please click the button below!